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The ICSE examinations are the first public examinations for many students each year. This year, an approximate of 170,000 students sat for ...

The ICSE examinations are the first public examinations for many students each year. This year, an approximate of 170,000 students sat for the ICSE examinations, held by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE). After the declaration of results, most of the students were quite jubilant and were unrestrained in expressing their joy and satisfaction. As a rule of thumb, a person always gets more than what he expects, if they put in dedicated hard work. And this condition has been proved true for yet another year. IIS India went out of it's traditional way, resuming the original nature for the blog- a youth blog reflecting the voice of many. The two interviewees are Hrivu Banerjee (AIR-5, 98.40%), and Ayanabha Trivedi (98.20%), from Don Bosco School, Bandel. Let's take a peek at what they have to say.

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  1. Congratulations! You both have done exceedingly well. What were your parent's reaction?
          Hrivu: Quite delighted, indeed! They were ecstatic, but still advised me to not be overwhelmed by the results, but to get ready for working harder for the upcoming years.
          Ayanabha: Absolutely nothing. Blank! They told: "Very good! But, this is just the beginning. Now go back to your books!"

       2. What was your secret success mantra? 

            Hrivu: No such specific "mantra". Just enjoy studying, doesn't matter how long you study. Enjoying what you do just makes the difference. 

            Ayanabha: Enjoy, enjoy and enjoy. Take time to relax. The mind becomes fresh and receptive, and efficiency of our mind reaches its maximum potential. Recreate your self and entertain yourself. 

        3. In regard of academics, what did you do differently?

            Hrivu: Never studied for long hours. That's what is different perhaps. Devoted two to three hours a day to studies at home. I feel sitting with your books for the entire day doesn't help, what helps is concentrating for whatever time you study. 

             Ayanabha: The human mind can concentrate for one hour almost at a stretch. So, do take a break every hour of vigorous studying.

         4. What is your advice to aspirants who wish to score above 95% in their boards?

              Hrivu: Keep that aim before you and strive hard. Keep it simple. Sincere studies will easily enable you to reach your goal. 

               Ayanabha: Do not think of the percentage you are to secure. There is no extraordinary limits. Aspirants must enjoy life. 

          5. How did you study the Science subjects? 

              Hrivu: Just try to reason out logically the scientific phenomenon given in the books. Understand the concepts clearly and that will get imprinted on your brain permanently. 

               Ayanabha: Read the chapters once before they are taught to you at school/tuition. Then, you will be fully understanding the topics when they are taught to you.


That was our interview of the ICSE toppers. Kudos is the word and hope the article would inspire ICSE candidates for the next year and on to perform brilliantly. All the best, and as Ayanabha emphasized, learn to enjoy- taking too much of stress would be detrimental. From my side, I might exhort to avoid rote learning as much as possible. Rote memorization just doesn't help in the long run.

Good luck, and IIS India will keep bringing out of the box posts for you lovely readers. Thanks! 

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  1. The last advice is really useful. Thanks Ayanabha.I'll always keep that in mind. :)

  2. My question to Ayanabha what are the tips for surviving in pochinki in PUBG