The 56-inch chested man's braggart nature doesn't work anymore

It is common knowledge that Modi likes to brag about his achievements, comparing them in a "before me" and "after me&quo...

It is common knowledge that Modi likes to brag about his achievements, comparing them in a "before me" and "after me" style. However, his remarks abroad have not lifted up the pride of Indians, but rather shoved it down. His normally flamboyant Twitter page has been shamed for the first time, with Twitterati reacting strongly against Mr. Modi's downgrading comments in Seoul and Shanghai in his latest string of foreign tours. From archives, it is clear that this habit is no stranger to the PM: Last month itself, the Congress accused Modi of eroding the country's stature by calling it as a "beggar" nation in Germany, and a "Scam India" in Canada.

This time though, he has touched new heights. In the recently concluded three-nation tour, the Prime Minister seemed rather happy to announce that Indians, before him, were "ashamed to be born in India". Political complacency is acceptable- but not when it starts to hurt a nation's sentiments. During the 2014 General Elections, the then Prime Ministerial candidate from the BJP vowed to enforce women's security, industrialization of India, and bring about economic reforms. The big fish on the list was bringing the heaps of black money stashed abroad. 

Till now, with a year being completed, the only vigorously run initiative is the "Make in India"- a program to help build foreign industries on national soil. Although the campaign generated much publicity, the progress report does not impress. The promise to bring back illegally obtained revenue didn't go down well either. In the words of Amit Shah, the BJP president, "bringing back black money is a very complex issue". The first question that pops up is, why did they make such an outrageous claim?

It has been a year of ups and (more) downs. BJP needs to self-introspect its policies and reform programs. Our world today has advanced ahead from the narrow-mindedness of yesterdays. Such tricks, in an attempt to garner popularity, have rather back-fired for the party with the group drawing much flak and criticism for their comments. 

India is a democratic country. The PM should remember that the same people, who brought about his massive victory, can pull him down with a thud. Gaming the political system would be fine- but not the emotions of the people of a one-billion strong nation. 

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