Growing up: Through the Adolescent Years

We all fondly recall "those old days". We love to get back to those days , but alas, only if it were possible. We've all ...

We all fondly recall "those old days". We love to get back to those days, but alas, only if it were possible. We've all grown up so quick, and in a greedy desire to become a wise person, that we have left behind our unique memories of childhood. Childhood was a mere word that was difficult to spell for us back then, but now, it means a lot more. When we look back with nostalgia, we just want to relive the entire period, once again.

I do not blame this tendency of human beings to be nostalgic. We are after all, social beings, and by the time, we change considerably. Only a foolhardy person can deny the sentiments associated with the days when we grew up. After all, isn't childhood days the best days of one's life? It was the only time where we had freedom: where we had leisure time, something that is quite oblivious to us nowadays.

In early standards, marks weren't really important. I mean, none of us really had to work for good marks, and it came anyways. It was a perennial source of joy: that cyclic process repeated itself till we reached high school. Students get a jolt that wake them up from their fairy-tale islands. Many change for good, many alter for the obverse. In high school, we experience being adolescents, with its many perks and troughs. There is an obvious and distinct transition. The change is a psychological one that reforms the emotional characteristics of everyone. This period of change has to be dealt with in a sensitive manner; for it has the potential to redefine personalities and shape a person.

The biggest challenge of this period? Expressing oneself. I have seen many among the multitude that crumble their self-confidence themselves, by restricting themselves to express their views. One of the most important and valuable gifts of this phase is our creativity. Let's take it head on: if we waste the gift we are endowed with, could we be ever entitled to reclaim it? The answer is pretty simple: no.

One of the most prominent observation is that a lot of young minds divert from their destination. They start being impatient, abusive and comes loaded with filthy tongues. Why should such tender minds start acting so? It is not very difficult to decode: in our world today, we ape the adults. And ironically, adults of today are not worth emulating.

Life moves on. We continue to grow, and fast approach our boards. The intense pressure to perform well cracks up people at times (pun intended). Even in the celebrated film, 3 Idiots, the head of institute tells the first year students that life is a race- if you don't compete, others will crush you and move forward. That's what is precisely wrong. For most, however, boards go well.

That's how we enter into the most important span of our lives: the plus two course. It's a separate affair altogether, with students following their stream of choice, and the "real life" beginning for some. I'll do cover it in a upcoming posts, and I hope you have enjoyed going through this article!

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