Why there aren't any "Good" or "Bad" Terrorism

A Candle Light Vigil in London condemning the Peshawar school attacks/Wikimedia Commons Over the last decade, there has been a exponent...

A Candle Light Vigil in London condemning the Peshawar school attacks/Wikimedia Commons
Over the last decade, there has been a exponential rise in the number of terrorism cases. From 26/11 to the Peshawar school attacks, these are horrific acts of shameless and brutal assault on innocent people. As The Conversation puts it, "Terrorism is some form of purposive and planned violence that has a political, religious, or ideological motivation. It is intended to coerce or intimidate and is targeted at civilians or government. Legislation prohibiting terrorism ought to have extra-territorial effect".

It is an open fact that the ISI and the Pakistani Army has long nurtured extremist organisations. These organizations harbour militants in the name of Jihad, or holy wars. As long as your pet barks at others, it's fine. However, when that pet becomes a rogue stray and bites you back, that's when you suffer. That is precisely what has happened to the Pakistani Army. They now face the dilemma to either exterminate these organisations or perpetuate "Good" Terrorism.

So what exactly is this "Good" and "Bad" Terrorism? Ask strategic experts, and they'd quip back with a laugh. The whole propaganda is nothing but utilization of the extremist resources to target the foe. And when they're successful at doing that, it's branded as "Good" Terrorism. When they target their own nation, it is frowned upon and tagged "Bad" Terrorism. Despite international sanctions and being designated as a terrorist, Hafiz Saaed roams free in his country. Is there any better example of hypocrisy than that?

To add to sarcasm, the Pakistan Parliament has even passed an Anti-India resolution, on grounds of "unprovoked aggression". I am a liberal person and I believe that all Pakistani's ain't bad. I also know that Afghan men are good and loving; despite their res publica being labeled a war-ravaged nation. Thus, the buck doesn't pass on. It's just that a few influential people do the evil stuff. And that happens not for the good, but for the obverse.

In my opinion, there's no good and bad terrorism. All terrorism is evil, and must be curbed anyhow. Radicalization of young minds is the biggest vice that exists in the South Asian society. Supplementary efforts must be undertaken apart from the current operations in place. If this practice of branding terrorists as "Good" or "Bad" exists, we're definitely going down the slippery slope of hell.

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