Of Dashami and Durga Puja

“ Asche bochor abar hobe ”. These mere words make us feel disconsolate deep down. We all know the emotions that run through our veins on t...

Asche bochor abar hobe”. These mere words make us feel disconsolate deep down. We all know the emotions that run through our veins on the day of Dashami. We want Maa Durga to stay with us forever, treading our path and always guiding us in life.

Durga Puja as we know it is just not like the other pujas. Typical Bengalis will understand. I will understand and you’ll understand. There is a lot of hype and excitement in the minds of people of all age- whether be it 2-year old kids dancing in joy, or the 80-year old “dadu”. Everyone is united during this brief period of four days. We meet with old acquaintances we have long forgotten- meet up with old friends we have lost track of- and who not. And of course we can’t miss out the delicious part. The Lunch and Dinner menus. Ah! The very thought of having Mutton Biryani at dinner and other exotics accompanying it brings drops down every tongue. Simply because you’re allowed to eat- however much be your restrictions list- and because, simply, it is Durga Puja.

The logic behind this cannot be deciphered. No, I am not going to find the rational way to this festive mood. Sometimes I believe, irrational thoughts also help.  Let me quote the immortal words of Swami Sivananda. He said, “Durga Puja is celebrated in various parts of India in different styles. But the one basic aim of this celebration is to propitiate Shakti, the Goddess in her aspect as power, to bestow upon man all wealth, auspiciousness, prosperity, knowledge (both sacred and secular), and all other potent powers. Whatever be the particular or special request that everyone may put before the Goddess, whatever boon may be asked of her, the one thing behind all these is propitiation, worship and linking oneself with her. There is no other aim. This is being affected consciously or unconsciously. Everyone is blessed with her loving mercy and is protected by her.”

Let us all invoke the Goddess’s blessings, so that our lives become a source of inspiration for others, and that we may prosper in all aspects of life.

P.S: Happy Durga Puja!   

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