An Interview with Siddharth Slathia: A Budding Vocalist and Songster

Meet Siddharth Slathia. Aged just 22 years, and hailing from Jammu, India, he is one of the best in the pool of talented young Indians who...

Meet Siddharth Slathia. Aged just 22 years, and hailing from Jammu, India, he is one of the best in the pool of talented young Indians who just love music. Music is his world. You can, if you want, view his covers of Bollywood songs in his YouTube channel- SiddharthSlathia. He has done a large number of playbacks including recent hits "Banjara" and "Galliyan".  I got an opportunity to conduct an interview with him. Here's what he had to say. 

1. Do you have ambitions of full-time singing as a profession? 

A: Of course! I have already recorded 11 songs with the Saregama record label and aspiring to do bollywood playback and my own pop albums as soon as I get good opportunities from the industry. I also compose and have at least 50 original compositions ready.

2. What are you doing now, at present, apart from your singing? 

A: I am pursuing Bachelor of Music from Jammu University and I was also working as the Chief Mentor at Indian Idol Academy, the job which I had to give up because of my Jammu University exams. So, it's music everywhere for me!

3. What is your approach to music, and do you try to make in unconventional? 

A: I try to take a little bit from everything. I have been learning Indian Classical music and it is absolutely amazing. However, at the same time, I also take in other aspects such as Vibrato and Falsetto from the western side. Apart from what I learn from my gurus and books about Indian Classical, I also listen to greats like Pt. Bholenath Mishra Ji and Ustad Rashid Khan Sahab. While I take immense pleasure in listening to classical by various pandits and ustaads, I also listen to commercial great singers very carefully and try to understand their style of singing and their approach to singing. I strongly believe careful listening is as much important to learning music

4. Do you believe YouTube is a great way of showcasing talent of youngsters like you? 

A: Of course! YouTube and Facebook are great platforms. How many youngsters do you know who doesn't use facebook and youtube these days?! However, there is a fierce competition out there too. 

5. Are you affiliated with any Music distribution/production organisation?

A: Not at the moment. I am yet to be signed by any record label.

6. Have you ever auditioned for reality shows like Indian Idol? If your answer is "No", would you like to participate in the future? If "Yes", how was the experience?

A: My answer is no. I am not sure as to whether I would like to participate in one. Of course, it helps you become a household name and as soon as you are out of the show, you will start getting live shows but at the same time, I have got to the stage where I am right now on my own merits. So I would prefer to make it to the industry completely on my own merits but let's see.  

7. Your opinion on Indie music in our country? 

A: Bollywood is the key industry in our country. There is a lot of extremely amazing Indie music out there in our country but it does not get its due somehow. We have a huge population full of talent but Indie music is very underrated and does not get the recognition it deserves. Hopefully, things will change in future. 

8. Last, but not the least, for our readers, how do you feel from the support and love you get everywhere?

A: It has been more than 4 years since I have been uploading my music on Youtube/Facebook and I have only grown and that would have been impossible without the love and support that I receive from people out there. It feels absolutely amazing to receive so much love and support and I cannot thank my fans enough for this. I try to respond to as many messages/comments that I receive on Youtube/Facebook as possible and that is the least that I can do to show how grateful I am to my audience. I have never taken this love and support for granted and will never do so. Each and every fan/supporter/well-wisher is very important to me. Fans hai toh hum hai! :)

Thank you Siddharth. Hope to see you one day on the big stage. All the best wishes from me and our readers. 

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  1. Congo sid.., for have a fantastic interview.., gud luck for the future..:)

  2. good luck dada wonderfull job...

    1. He's all set to become a legend. We'll all be so highly ecstatic then!

  3. The day is not so far when you will be seen live on TV Interview. Thanks for being kind hearted toward your Fans.... All the best.

  4. I just heard some of your tracks today and absolutely loved your own version of the song main tenu samjhawan ki. Good luck bro :)

  5. All the best siddarth:)