'All is well' for the Knights and their King

Two days after winning the Indian Premier League cup, two time champions Kolkata Knight Riders were felicitated today at the Eden Gardens. ...

Two days after winning the Indian Premier League cup, two time champions Kolkata Knight Riders were felicitated today at the Eden Gardens. The Knights have equaled the record of holding the cup for two years after the Chennai Super Kings, led by India skipper M.S Dhoni. The felicitation program was organised jointly by the Cricket Association of Bengal and the West Bengal government. Well, honestly, I could not visit the Stadium- and I did a good thing. According to reports, there was utter chaos before the program was to begin. It was so worse that mounted police had to be brought in to control the situation. Thousands could not even enter the stadium because it was already over-packed. However, at the end of the day it was all good and fine.

It soon became known that the King of the Knights, Shah Rukh Khan will arrive late to the party because of a delay in flight. The anchors for the day, June Banerjee and Rudraneel did a fine job. Greatly aided by Usha Uthup, who kept the crowds energized and on their feet for a amazing two hours before the King entered his Den, the Eden. Salute, ma'am. The Chief Minister, made a relatively quick entry, at 2:30 PM approximately. Soumitra Ray too belted out hits one after the other, including "Suhag Chand Bodoni" which he had promised to play today. 

There was no sign of Wriddhiman Saha, but I believe he, too will be felicitated but on a later date. Not to forget, Jagmohan Dalmiya (CAB president) cleared up the job of congratulating the players personally and presenting them with a gold ring. All the squad members, including those who did not play a single match in this edition of the Premier League were awarded the same. Madan Mitra was seen busy as well. 

Finally, the heartthrob of Kolkata, King Khan came in at 3:50 PM somewhat (Sorry for the approximate timings!) and immediately took the opportunity to cut the cake alongside Mamata Banerjee and Gautam Gambhir, the team captain. Frankly admitting, we missed his dance moves today, though. He appeared less ecstatic as he was the earlier time KKR won the Cup. He has tasted success earlier, the commentators said, and well.. they were right. 

The program ended with the National Anthem being played. Surajit Purkayastha, the Kolkata Police Commissioner, played a big role in today's management for sure. He deserves some "thank-you's" as well, so here's one congratulating you and your team, Sir. Shah Rukh delivered a small note of appreciation for all the people who had come here, saying, "I don't think any other country, any other state support their team so much. Keep supporting us Kolkata. I am grateful for your support. Mamata Di, you have made us feel this is our home. Thank you very much for the support. Thank you very much the CAB, Kolkata police... We hope to keep coming here every year. Korbo, Lorbo, Jeetbo re!"

Korbo, Lorbo, Jeetbo. Beautiful words that reverberate in any Calcuttan's mind. 

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