Revving up for a new Class

It's been quite some time that the exams had ended, and we all have been relaxed enough (seriously, anyone there who needs more ...

It's been quite some time that the exams had ended, and we all have been relaxed enough (seriously, anyone there who needs more time?) Personally, I have been successful in deleting all the junk data of subjects like Bengali, Chemistry, Biology, et cetera. Now, during this vacation, it feels like as if time doesn't pass by- it merely stands still. Believe me, I had thought that this time after the exams would be "super-cool"; on the contrary it has been boring and brought me tons of idle time. "Idle mind is the devil's workshop" says the famous proverb.

More than twenty days remain for the new academic session to begin. The euphoria of meeting with old friends, reliving the fun on the campus, taking down tedious notes and learning lessons, is too tremendous to be explained. But as days pass; months pass - when time seems to run - that's when the mind again longs for this break. Uhh. That's the human mind, like a maze. You never know what it's up to.

As for us, we've got our reports on the twenty-first of this month. So hopefully, we can be cheerful on that. Why? Because we get to meet each other again. Mind you, how much we love to stay home, but school life is one of the best part of our lives. We love to interact with our friends. It brings in good mood to ask others which section they are divided into- if one says "yes" (that is, he is in my section) then it's good; else it's bad.

After the reports there isn't anything much to do. Of course, when we get our books for the new class, it is a joy to scan through the books, cover them up and inscribe our names upon the cover. That spends the time, and slowly helps to bring our concentration back on books (Note that I'm not saying I study, but since we should, as students, learn- books will bring our concentration back on studies) And then the countdown.

5 days. 4 days. 3 days. 2 days. 1 day. BOOM! Yes, school has again started. It's not an April Fool that school is starting on the 1st of April. Rather, it's a jolt to wake us up from our dreamy eyes. It will remind to us another hard year that stands in succession to our previous class, another year of exams and another year of fun. In other words, we again have to pack our bags for the new class, a new time, afresh. 

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