Politics for a Developing Nation: A new system of Governance

Politics has taken a U-turn in the last decade in our country. From Rahul Gandhi to Mamata, we have seen a bunch of politicians promis...

Politics has taken a U-turn in the last decade in our country. From Rahul Gandhi to Mamata, we have seen a bunch of politicians promising us a lot of things in exchange of votes. But how many politicians actually did this? None! They ask for votes; win the elections; sit with power, and forget about the promises.The thing with us is that we choose the wrong people to take up the most powerful and responsible places in the government.

I'm not criticizing any particular party or such; I am criticizing the system in general. I know this seems a bit absurd. This might (99% chance, will) never happen, but this is a mere ideology of a good governance. I call this "The Best Politics for the Best Country". Currently, we are in a bad state of governance- unchecked crimes to high corruption amongst people. Worse, people have accepted corruption as a part of their daily lives. Take an example. I went to a school fest last year. People were asked to line up to get tickets. Well, the well-mannered gentlemen and students lined up quickly. Two lines were there. From almost nowhere, a student, probably aged 14, popped in front of me. When I protested to his action and demanded a reason, he smartly replied, "India is corrupted, don't you know that?"

India is corrupted. These words revolved in my mind for the whole day. Even school students think India as a corrupted nation. This impression, if pressed against the young mind, will hamper their progressive thoughts, and they will want the shortcut route to a task every time. They'll never know the true worth of hard work. It was an real life example, not a made-up one.

Here's the system of thought: There would be a government where people elect their netas not according to their cast, religion or position in the society, but according to their leadership skills. These people will form state-based government. There will be no opposition parties, like the CPM in our state, and there will be only one government. You may ask who'll criticize the government if anything goes wrong. Here is where we all fall trap to a big mistake. Blame game is the chief job of the opposition parties nowadays, pointing their fingers to even the minute mistakes made by the ruling party. The public has to criticize. We will inform the leaders that they are mistaken. Politicians won't be given so much power like nowadays. Ultimate power will lie in the hands of public. Public won't have elected people among them, but every common man is the face of the public.

My concept is that, if there is only one government, things can go more smoothly. Politicians from the opposition parties won't be there to create trouble for others. The Judiciary, like now, will be independent and the constitution has to be amended for many cases. Police forces should also be out of the control of the politicians. Only one minister in the state, say "Armed forces minister" will take care of the troops and his partners will assist with other problems with the police like finance, expenses and so on. State done, I'll come to the Union government now.

Like the state government; where there will be only one government. Imagine the Congress and BJP working together. The ideas of Narendra Modi and the inspiration of Rahul Gandhi, fused into one group. There would be no violence at all. Things would go smoothly. There would be union judiciary and state judiciary, like it is currently the Supreme Court and the High Courts, respectively.

Also, in my personal opinion, there needs to be dignity of labour in our society. When people refer us to a farmer, for example, we think how lowly he is. Imagine, if the farmer was not there, what would we eat? Could we even have survived?

I know that these things seems absurd. Things will have to adapt to massive changes. And though it may never turn out to be like this, if you change, India would take a step forward to a bright future.

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