My Blogging Story: An Unforgettable experience!

I dedicate this post to Sir Rodrix; one of the most influential people I've met in my life, on his request. Here you go, sir:  ...

I dedicate this post to Sir Rodrix; one of the most influential people I've met in my life, on his request. Here you go, sir: 

It all started one day. It was the 9th of September, 2012. I had nothing to do. I sat and stared at the blank screen. Facebook, luckily, didn't attract me too much. So Facebook wasn't an option to spend time. I wanted an healthy hobby. I thought hard, scratching my head and biting my lips.
Before I even started Blogging, I was associated with the Wikimedia Foundation for about 1.5 years. I had been a Wikimedia Board member for 3 months, and held some positions of trust under the Wikimedia administration. Wikipedia and the other Wikimedia organizations were a fun place to work in; indulge in community work and help make the world's largest encyclopedia even more perfect. Things went correctly until the last few months of my Wiki career. Something was wrong. We (Wikipedians; those who edit Wikipedia) witnessed a period of decline of great editors; good administrators and increase of vandals and their vandalism on the articles on Wikipedia. We called it the "Era of Decline". It was no more fun to work in there any more. The last month I was active, I surrendered most of my responsibilities like managing the Arbitration committee; and others. I too joined in the Era of Decline.

That was how I ended up idle on the 9th of September. By now the idea had sparked on my head. I knew I had good writing skills- so why not open a blog and write? That was a great idea. But write on what? Politics? Cricket? Music? These were pretty common. I wanted some unique topic. I chose Youth. I had to give a name to kick start the blog. 

Youth is students. Students are Youth. So I thought why not name it something wacky, like "Indian Institute of Students", instead of "Indian Institute of Technology" that we all know about, to bring in humor into the action. Thats how the name came into origin. Quite a brainy one, isn't it? 

I'm honest enough to speak the truth. The first 2 months, that is, from September to November, I didn't actually write original content: simply copied it. I realized early that to increase popularity and social buzz, I need to write original content; words that arose from me. And this was pretty true. You see, the counter has been racking up some good hits throughout. Though popularity is important to keep any blogger motivated, I focus mainly on quality rather than useless heaps of content with no meaning. Also, this regular blog-writing gives me a slight edge over others on grounds of essay-writing; story composition and such. 

I feel Blogging is fun. When your heart speaks; the quality is reflected. If not, it is not worth a read. I understand that one can make money with his blog. But not me. Commerce is fine. Advertising is not evil. But not here! I want to keep this blog free of ads. No third party shall ever take over this. Ever. This is my space, and I love to share my views with people like you who read my blog. 

Over the months I've been Blogging, I've achieved recognition, both real life and virtually. In real-life; friends call me an "expert" "pro" and "advanced" blogger. That makes me so proud. After all, it's one of the best compliments a writer can get. Virtually, I've won a few awards like the Versatile Blogger Award; and small mentions here and there.

I continue to aspire to be one of the greatest bloggers of the world. And nothing can kill that passion. Thank you everyone. For everything. For every support. 

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  1. Shriman Ghosh25 May, 2013 22:15

    Good one! Great going. Keep it up.

  2. Thank you Shriman :) Glad you liked it!