Dravid: "They betrayed me.."

       Sreesanth took a long time to set the field. It was the indication for the bookies to start betting. We all know the recent c...

       Sreesanth took a long time to set the field. It was the indication for the bookies to start betting.

We all know the recent controversy- S Sreesanth, Chandila and Chavan, playing for Rajasthan Royals this IPL Season, arrested due to spot-fixing. They've admitted their wrong doings. IPL has went serious. I mean, way serious. The bookies paid Sreesanth 60 lakh rupees (now that's almost $11,000!) for bowling a loose over. They had stated him the task to concede a specific amount of runs during one of his overs, and he did that pretty loyally. My personal view is that without even being paid a single paisa, Sreesanth would have conceded a minimum of 35 runs of his 4 overs (and we expect that from him, knowing he's quite out-of-form)- without getting into so much of trouble!

I don't understand why Indians are so greedy. Yes, and I did want to emphasize on the two words "so greedy". Previously, a normal Indian guy thought Pakistani cricketers are the modern-day cheaters as they had by far the most number of players banned for match fixing or spot fixing. But, that record of theirs is shattered! Indians always takes a lead. Always. And there we go, we take the no.1 position as the most number of players banned for cheating under the ICC Conduct Code. Isn't that a matter of national shame for us? But how many of us actually cares? We as Indians value money more than anything else. Think seriously, my friend!

The worst part of this spot-fixing scandal was that Dravid, one of the legends of the game, had to face unexpected consequences. Sure, the trio was kicked out of the team- but the press conferences... Oh dear, journalists don't leave quickly. It was a matter of great disrespect for such a great player. Dravid, the Wall of India, said in a statement that he felt betrayed, but keeps hopes with others. He also mentioned that they play as a team and all discussion relating to the scandal would be taken up by BCCI and the owners. Dravid kept cool and said that the Royals had been playing "good cricket throughout" the tournament, and looked forward to make it to the play-offs.

Cricket, as they say, is a gentleman's game. If players do not compete fairly, what is the use of wasting our precious seconds of life watching such trash? And in a country that is crazy for cricket; such an incident is to spark widespread protest. I'm sure of that.

If proved guilty, Dada's (Sourav Ganguly's) words might come true- the players may be awarded 5 years jail and a life-ban from international as well as domestic cricket.

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