Top 10 reasons why you should write a blog!

Having a blog can have a lot of advantages for your career life and personal life. However, this doesn't mean that it doesn't ha...

Having a blog can have a lot of advantages for your career life and personal life. However, this doesn't mean that it doesn't have disadvantages- I mean, when you write on a controversial topic and it gets viral, you can be in a lot of trouble, especially if you are dwelling in a country which censors the Internet. But don't stop! The number of advantages is well over the number of disadvantages! So here we start:

1) Having a blog can improve your writing skills: Perhaps the most important point. Writing a blog dramatically can increase your quality of writing, and over time you can see you are just getting better and better on writing. It can be very helpful in real life- when you have to write a research paper, or do some project work, or you're given an essay to write.

2) You can actually earn from your blog: If you are a good writer and have a good number of posts in your blog, you can actually earn from your blog. For this you need to get noticed: the more the back-links you can establish, the more you can earn. A blogger earns by using a Advertisement program of a company. Till date, Google's AdSense is the most popular plan of this category.

3) You'll get noticed, and your idea may just be a life-changing idea for someone! If you have a decent amount of traffic in your blog, people may actually like your posts and if you just write some killer content or some "How-to's" your idea can help someone. You don't know who is getting helped, but at least that if people stumble over a problem and see your blog article, they will thank you in their minds for writing the article. It's a great pleasure to have helped someone. And, few people are kind enough to leave comments with "Thank you". 

4) Employers find it hard to sue a blogger: Actually, this is true. Companies tend to dismiss employees who reveal some black secret about the company. A blogger has a wide audience and if a employer dismisses his employee-blogger it'll be noticed and this may lead to some protest from co-workers and it means a bad reputation for the company. Who wants to earn a bad reputation?

5) Chances of your work getting published elsewhere increases: When you want to publish some work of yours and is tired of hunting for the publishing house that actually accepts your content, your blog may help you. Go and say the publisher: "I am a well-known blogger and my blog is at" and watch how your chance of getting published increases. 

6) Having fun: The most important point, perhaps. Blogging is nothing but having fun. You can share your stories and experiences with the outside world. It provides a bit of relief if you share your sad story with other people of the world. Blog to have fun.

7) You can actually get famous! As I said, if you write some fresh and killer content, chances of your work being noticed is actually higher than if you copy-paste. Here's the truth for most webmasters: They think copy pasting content can actually get traffic to their website. This concept is actually wrong. Writing unique content drives more traffic than copying and pasting same old, and boring stuff.

8) It's cool to be a blogger. You can brag about your new blog to your friends and say them to check out new stuff. Most people love to read, and if they find your writing good, they can appreciate it in public (like me- my friends call me "The Writing Director" now because of my writing) and that makes you feel good. Who doesn't like recognition actually?

9) And it's good for your health: A recent study says that blogging is actually good for health. It is, definitely. Why don't you check out the link yourself?

10) Lastly, Your imagination widens: Writing a blog increases your thinking and imagination skills. Imagination and thinking in a twisted way is a vital point to concentrate on. A writing is 10 times better if it is written with vivid descriptions of the picture one forms in his mind while writing.

Are you still waiting to create a blog? Why? Start a blog for free now at or and write! 

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