How to become an author: Easy Steps and Guidance!

Being an author isn't a quite easy job. There are several barriers that can stop one from being an author. But that doesn't ...

Being an author isn't a quite easy job. There are several barriers that can stop one from being an author. But that doesn't mean one who is capable of being an author cannot be an author. Being an author is not about fame. If someone writes to earn fame, he/she isn't a true writer.

Often there are people who write to me asking that how he/she can be a writer. Whenever I get such a mail, I ask them when they wrote the last article, story, or (unpublished) book. Most reply with an attached article they wrote 6 months ago. This is not it. You cannot be a successful writer if you write once in 6 months or once in a year. You must embrace writing and reading habits. An author should write daily, even if his mood doesn't permit. Making writing a hobby is one of the best and easy ways to become a writer.

Be open to criticism. Ask people whom you know to review your writing. Don't trust people who always remarks: "Good, well done!" but trust people who criticise your work. They can even make you cry, but that will make you a better writer. Simply writing a good essay in school and your teacher praises you doesn't make you an author. You must practice. Practice makes a man perfect, as you know.

Have a "Inspiration Notebook". Write down small things you observe during the day, however small it be, and try to find out the reasons why such things occur. Later, if you write some novel or short story, you can use these ideas. Giving real-life examples always makes a story look perfect. However, understand that no story is perfect.

Believing that you're a writer is very important. Say to all "I'm a writer" and distribute free copies of your writing to a test audience. If you are not confident, you lose all your chances of being an author. Sure, saying is much easy than doing it, but try. Try once, at least. You will see the results yourself. You'll be in the center of attention if you write well, others will ask for tips and such. Being shy won't fetch you anything.

Go to some public places with your "Inspiration Diary". Note down the atmosphere, the people, the shops, and try to overhear some interesting conversations. Write them down in your diary. Later, try to comment on the daily life. Finding interesting topics on daily life is always pretty good, makes your writing enjoyable to read. It gives the reader pleasure.

These were the top 5 points and easy steps to be a writer. If you follow these steps, you are on your way to being a successful author. But always know that no author is 100% perfect nor is any story perfect. One has to use his own imagination to make his own story- not by merely copying lines from the books of internationally renowned authors. At last, be proud that at least you have the will to be a writer. Good Luck!

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