Earning your livelihood online

At this age, we are all aware about rising unemployment statistics in our country, and we are worried for the future genera...

At this age, we are all aware about rising unemployment statistics in our country, and we are worried for the future generation. What'll happen if by 2025 50% of the country's youth doesn't get a job, even though they are qualified, and have degrees accompanying them? This is a major thought to spend our times upon.

You won't be earning money sitting in your home (unless you are a corrupted politician). You have to sit for the toughest entrance exams where 10 lakh compete and 10% of them succeed, you have to go hopping for interviews and you succeed at only 3 when you have given interviews at 11 companies. Did you know that CV Raman's parents termed him as a "useless" boy since he couldn't get a job in the first turn? 

All these worries have a potential solution. Go for online earning. One can make a huge amount of money sitting home, only at the expense of a domain name (or no costs for domain name if you host your website on a subdomain), and you have to spend few hours a week to maintain your site. Plans like Google AdSense, DoubleClick and AdManager allows a webmaster to display ads on their site; their term is that based on the number of clicks, the webmaster earns money. The rate is normally fixed per RPC (Rate-Per-Click) and Rate per 1000 clicks. One can earn a good $300 a day if he has 168,000 hits in a day, while another can earn 9 bucks at max in a month because of low traffic. Sure, content matters, and the person is expected to do some entrepreneurial kind-of job, because everyone wants something unique on the net . Or maybe he has good writing skills, so why not sit and write a blog?

Earning online is not only cool, but has advantages also. You can take leave any day you want- because incoming traffic don't see if you are active that day. You have to work hard for the first few months- else you'll be buried deep within search results where people won't be looking at. Say if your page is on the 453rd page, which person will go that deep to search for content when the "usually best" content comes at number 1-3 pages? And whats cooler working online is you won't have a boss. That's the best, na? True for many.

With online earning, don't consider yourself to get rich quick. Unless you are really famous or you are a movie star, you won't be getting traffic. Well I do get visitors on my site the days I don't post- because this site has built it's reputation and does have some back-links too; which does boost a lot of traffic. And here's a warning: unless you actually have good writing skills, and don't copy-paste, you'll feel the burden of financial crisis. $15 a month, how will you live off it?

Though there may be cons, I'd still suggest people to take a try at it. After all, trying isn't that bad. Who knows if your post becomes an instant hit and goes viral, all of a sudden? And then people clicks the ads, it gets registered with Google and ultimately you get the cheque in hand! Whatever it is, you can always brag to your friends about your online earnings, right?

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