Top 10 reasons students use as a reason for being absent- which are actually false!

If you are a teacher, a staff, or a principal of any school, this article is for you. Students take leave for various reasons- fever, ...

If you are a teacher, a staff, or a principal of any school, this article is for you. Students take leave for various reasons- fever, holiday picnic, etc. There are some students, who, in the name of these excuses do not attend school, and instead, doze at home. The IIS India team has compiled a list of 'Top 10 reasons Students use for being absent' for you. Don't worry students- there is something called "luck" that determines whether you get caught for using a fake reason!

#10: Let me start with the number 10. The number 10 is a 10 upon 10 if you judge the quality of the excuse, LOL. The reason is-"The last train/bus for reaching school had departed before I reached the station/bus stand" Seems a bit funny, right? Yes, it is. This is "just a bit popular" among students, so this becomes the #10 excuse!

#9: Next comes 9, after 10. The reason number 9 is increasingly becoming popular , as students get more creative and search for newer, better excuses. And........ the reason is: "Seeing off someone who won't be here for a year" I can guarantee that in the last year about a million students used this reason to bunk their classes. As such, we pin this reason to #9.

#8: Previously, the #8 reason used to be usually true and one would rarely doubt it. But that 'yesterday' is gone. Generation has changed. Let me ask you why does a student go to school? I guess, you replied "to study". And students are taking the "studying" advantage- they give an excuse of "Study leave" Recent research and surveys prove the fact that instead of studying the student either stays in his home doing some other work/ goes out somewhere. It's kinda popular, and that's why it comes on #8 reason on this list.

#7: "Grandpa! Grandma! Welcome!" Imagine you are a grandparent and your grandchild welcomes you like this (and also imagine you do not live in the same residence), you would feel nice, won't you? But this, if used as a reason for being absent in the school- "My grandparents came" usually tricks the teacher/principal to believe it's a true reason. Because of this, students are using this reason to miss their classes.

#6: "It was my best friend's birthday, sir/mam". If you are a teacher, I can bet and say that in your teaching career, you'll stumble upon a student a fine day and their diary/absent note states the above mentioned reasons. Though this is suspicious as a reason, it's till popular and that factor gets it to number 6.

Now, we are entering the top-five list! SO far, you'd have got an idea about how crazy absent reasons can be. As we go to the top-5, craziness fades away and is instead replaced by reality. We'll now peep into the most popular excuses. Strap your seat-belts! We're gonna zoom!

#5: The number 5 reason is.... Oh, let me give you a clue, In India, it is called "Unification of two souls". Aha, seems you guessed it! It's none other than the famous excuse of  "I went to a marriage party". This is one of the eminent excuses to bunk classes and one cannot catch that you're lying. We have no other alternative than to place it at position #5.

#4: This is the last, crazy reason perhaps. "My Pet dog's dead" is THE Excuse. Now realize it, students can't be lying that their parents suddenly became ill and then one night passed away, so he/she gives the reason that their pet dog died. Do some intelligent research and you find that half of these liars does not even own a pet dog! Though mainly used it the West, it's popularity will amaze you. That brings this reason to #4.

#3: Are you ready for the top three? OK! The list seems to be getting more interesting! And the #3 reason is "A day's outing" This has got immense popularity among the students as a false reason for being absent. "Who cares if I go out for a day's outing? There's none watching me!" This's perhaps what students think. The popularity factor is all and hence it comes in number #3.

#2: Oh yes, we're reaching the end of this list! Though the reason may seem true enough, students use this "all time popular" reason: Stomach Upset. The student say that he/she ate some heavy meal ad oh gosh, stomach becomes upset. Perhaps too short, eh? However short it is, the reason is appealing enough and students exploit the advantage. That's why we give this excuse a silver medal, i.e the #2 position.

#1: Oh Oh Oh!! This is the ultimate, all time, most popular, and well, I am running short of adjectives to describe how popular this is. And I can honestly place a bet that if you are/were a teacher, you have observed this reason more than 5 times. The reason is.... 3....2....1 - " I was absent due to fever" Students use this reason to be absent from the school. If you wanna catch how many of them lies, I'm saying you that no fever vanishes in a day. If more than 3 days a student is absent, make it mandatory for the student to produce a medical certificate.

This was the top-10 list of false absent reasons. I sincerely hope you like this. Thank you, I want to say, for reading this!

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  1. That was fun to read, buddy. I bet most of the students must have used one of those excuses at least once. Your number 1 and 2 are more common though. I'm sure that the strict rules of DBB are an inspiration to this article somehow. Anyways, nice article !! :-)

  2. I'm gonna go with the runnerup bcoz last time my excuse was me having fever and my HOD didn't take it. wish me luck yoho! its a bit funny techno crazy world i mean who would've thought people like me actually google for some good excuse for a day off at college.

  3. I still can't decide which reason should i choose haha. im absent today and i gotta need to think a reasonXD