Online shopping: Why you should use it?

You need not be bargaining nowadays. You need not walk out of the comfort of your home. You need not conduct a market survey to check ...

You need not be bargaining nowadays. You need not walk out of the comfort of your home. You need not conduct a market survey to check prices. Period. Welcome to the virtual marketplace.

We have been and is familiar with Big Bazaar, Spencer's, More, etc. But, from another side, names like Ebay, Flipkart, Amazon are popping out. These are mega e-supermalls- However, you cannot be walking in one of it's stores. You have to remain home, right in your chair or bed, as your preference, and 'order' the product virtually. You have to wait 2-3 business days and your product comes in home. There are tons of advantages if you buy one of these products from these online marketplaces. The greatest advantage is that you get heavy discounts. Sites such as allow upto 80% discount at times, and that is really, really a great deal to strike upon. In the real world, you wouldn't get offers like these.

There are 3 main advantages of online shopping. They are (a) Heavy discounts, (b) You need not walk out of your home and (c) Cash On Delivery option. I'll now take the time to explain you these three points. As I said, the first advantage is heavy discounts. If you ever imagined how many employees work for a online marketplace, the answer is few. This is because only few developers and programmers are required to maintain the site and few employees are employed to administer the site and analyze it's profit and losses, etc. Hence, their product prices are dropped. This attracts a lot of customers- ultimately leading to the net gain of the site. This is the mechanism of the "discount" system.

Next, once again, I come to the point- you need not walk out of your home or rush out to avail a special offer. Well, if you don't have a computer you have to walk a few miles, maybe, to reach your local cyber cafe (and I can't help it, sorry). Log on to your computer, check your internet connection, hit or in your internet browser and search for the product you want. There are various categories- Books, cameras, dressing, computer peripherals, Footwear, etc. This is why I feel online supermarket is heaps better than a real world shopping mall. Order it, wait a day or two, and you're done!

Next comes the benefit of Cash on Delivery, also known as COD or C-O-D. For those who feel that giving details of their credit or debit cards isn't quite a good option, Cash On Delivery is the safest for them. You order a product and when you receive it, you hand over the cash. Cash On Delivery is strictly a cash-only payment method- you can't be handing over a cheque. You don't have to pay any advance to access COD system. I feel COD is the safest way to buy a product.

Whatever it is, let me say, online shopping has truly changed the way people shop nowadays. If you want anything cheap, visit the 'virtual' market and bring it home!

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