Learning with Desire: What India lacks today

If you can use computer today, you are literate and is or have went to a school in your life. Yes, I don't say that there doesn...

If you can use computer today, you are literate and is or have went to a school in your life. Yes, I don't say that there doesn't exist people who are illiterate- in India, about 35% of the people are illiterate. Since I write about youth and young people, you may be just a young person- either studying in school or maybe in college or maybe just got a job recently. Or, you maybe one of the many people reading my blog, so thank you. You may have observed a similar situation somewhere in your life. Read on to know more on what I am trying to say.

The point is clear. Where is the education system in India heading to? Is it just mugging up lessons that you find in your textbook? Or is it just because you need marks? Think different, think wise. Will this mugging up session that you follow every year, increase your actual "knowledge" in any ways? I, in no way (I don't even have the interest to), discourage you from getting marks in school by mugging up texts. If you are honest from the heart, you won't be able to recall what you studied "with your full heart" two years ago in history, or Geography. If you did learn with desire, if I ask you what you studied, you can. It's possible and this is how foreign people are more smarter than us Indians. I have lot of regrets to type in this line, but I can't help it. This is how it is going. If people reading this blog do implement the idea themselves, or exhort their little ones, I guess India can change. Nothing changes overnight. Possibly this generation of young people can change it. I have faith in you all. 

A very common example is your first job interview. There, they won't be giving you a syllabus a year earlier. They test your actual knowledge, not the same "What did Netaji do for India?" or asking "Name the crops grown in South India and the climate favorable for their growth". They well know the fact that the people of today love to mug up texts. They want the best-est of the best- they scoop out the cream. If the same "cream" stayed, India would have been called a developed nation. The "cream" are those who learnt with heart, understood the meaning of the matter they're studying. Maybe they didn't get pretty good grades, I'm sure such students will prosper more than than the ones who got cent percent by mugging up. 

I hope people are inspired by this. Knowledge has no limits. Knowledge doesn't require a certain age, you can obtain it, always, whatever be your age. Don't study for the sake of studying. Study, but with your heart. Your nation needs you! Won't you be loyal enough? Study, for the sake of knowledge.

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