Coming back to Facebook: Positive and Negative Effects

Although Facebook was created with the concept of allowing students and young adults to share their common interests, but with time it ...

Although Facebook was created with the concept of allowing students and young adults to share their common interests, but with time it has lost its true essence. Started often as a time pass, it becomes an addiction which is annoying at times. As a matter of fact, Facebook is a very useful medium if used within certain limits. Let’s have a look over some of its positive and negative effects on society
Positive Effects on Society
  • It is very beneficial for the ones who are far away from their loved ones and want to keep in touch, specially,it is found to be a great source of association for armed force personals when they are far away from their homes.
  • Families settled abroad want to have strong communication with their homeland and its inhabitants.
  • It is very helpful for people who feel shyness in social interaction. It is a useful source to make friends and share your thoughts easily.
  • Persons who are restricted to their homes due to any sort of disability or environmental factors find a way to deal with their isolation.
  • You are able to get connected with old friends and refresh your bond.
  • It also helps people to find online friends with common interests living in different locations and then make this virtual friendship a real world friendship.
  • When you are caught up in a tiring task and want a quick refreshing break, Facebook proves to be highly favorable.
Negative Effects on Society
  • The biggest drawback of Facebook is that it has a very narrow border line between favorite pass time and addiction. One starts using it initially to catch friends and ultimately ends up with a lot of lavish time in taking playful quizzes and exploring various Facebook applications.
  • It is quite distracting if not used within limits, for instance, a student may adopt the habit of updating his online status twice an hour. This is the reason that you will find many adults stick to their mobile phones and laptops to check social networking websites frequently.
  • People busy in their lives feel easy to communicate through Facebook but at times it becomes very annoying when virtual communication takes place of real life meetings.
  • Being a part of your family members’ life is good, but knowing about each and every moment of others personal lives can prove to be very dangerous at times. Involving others even in your small decisions or forcing your ideas in others decisions is hazardous for personal liberty.
  • Facebook has given rise to gossiping as well, as people have found an easy way to get updates about others personal lives.
Finding the Right Balance
It is difficult, yet very important to find a right balance between entertainment and burden. Use Facebook positively to share your thoughts and keeping yourself aware of the surroundings, but don’t cross the safe distance. Try to catch friends weekly or monthly rather than updating them moment to moment.

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